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here is a video from today, me and isak shredding around in kläppensnowpark


Petter schance leftover edit:

riders: felix engström, rolf nylinder, philip grund, Alexander de la Torre


Now im back in malung after some christmas break in Stockholm.  kläppens red line is open now so we did some shredding in the small jumps  hopefully the weather is better tomorrow so we can try out the big kickers.  here is a little mini jump edit from todayyy


Last week was the last school week for me in malung this year! some shred went down in Tandådalen with my classmates will put up a little video later. Now im back home in stockholm/kungsängen again feels great to have some christmas vacation for sure! going to shred some street rails here at home and have a smooth christmas with my family! gotta get better in this update thing!  piiiiz!

Got some new gear fron bonfire today! thanks robb!


Right now im in stockholm at my mom’s house, its sooo much snow outside so im going out sooon to find something urban to shredd.

Here is a new edit me and some friends made in Tandådalen last week! CHeck it Out:



yo! The qualification in Norway went bad for me, just before my first run my binding dissided to break and in the first jump the strap on the binding went loose so I crashed, so bad luck………!
Now im back home in malung, some shredding went down today in tandådalen and after that some smooth dinner at the hotel.


yo, the training today went well! course is super smooth, shape and everything is gooood! now im eating some dinner, going out for some more shredding soon, so much fun!

here’s some pics on the jumps:

jump 1 and 2..

jump 1 from the side.

rails and jibs.